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Lagu Mandar Dangdut Milenial

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Lagu Mandar Dangdut Milenial.

This application is an offline application, which contains 28 Millennial Mandar Dangdut songs from Iis Gazali's vocal voice.

NB: We would be very grateful and more enthusiastic about releasing future applications, if you allow ads in the application to pass first.

Song list :
Playlists 1
01. Balisa Lalang Tindo
02. Cappu'mi Cinnamu
03. Cinnau Di To Rape'
04. Eru Eru'na Guitar
05. Haranga Nalele Cinna
06. I'da' Nasumangi
07. Inna Cinna Namannungan

Playlists 2
01. Inna Your Promise
02. Inna Loa Your promise
03. Kedzo Greetings
04. Lipasma
05. Mammis Finger Mapai'
06. Mattau Dilaenna
07. Mau Mallesor

Playlists 3
01. Bura Laeng
02. Meppandeng Laeng
03. Mesa Ate
04. Mongea' Mupelei
05. Monge'na Nyawau
06. Muwawangang Sara
07. Palla'

Playlists 4
01. Pau Mannassa
02. Pileco
03. Rannunna Ateu
04. Honey
05. Ta'lalo Monge'na
06. Tomane Pole
07. Tomipelei

Features of this application:
- High quality sound
- Offline, No Internet Connection Required
- Totally free and Easy to use
- Fast and effective application on all android devices
- Play Millennial Mandar Dangdut songs whenever you want!
- Simple and easy to use application
- There is a fairly complete list of songs
- Background playback and features
- Can be shared via social media
- Songs don't turn off even when opening other applications
- Next Auto
- There are random and repeat buttons

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Thank you for using this app.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Lagu Mandar Dangdut Milenial.


Developer: AdiBrow Apps

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