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Welcome to the world of KidzJungle, specially designed for kids, where your child will make brand new discoveries and learn while having fun!

If you want your child to spend quality time, learn while having fun, and reinforce what they have learned with content that is rich and nowhere else in the digital world, it's time to meet us!

3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years old children; We offer educational games, interactive videos, cartoons and a secure infrastructure where they can video chat with their friends.

We develop the content and characters we have created for KidzJungle by experts in their fields, and share them with children after they are approved by a psychologist.

With preschool educational games and videos, we encourage children to think and learn. We bring you an interactive educational platform that enables every child to learn with interactive activities and educational games for 3 years old, games for 4 years old, games for 5 years old and games for 6 years old.

Planning the screen time in the best way is under your control!
From the moment you log in to our application, you can determine your child's friends, the content they will use according to their interests and the time they can spend in the application.Planning the screen time in the best way is under your control! You can plan which friend your child will see for how long and how often.

A Range of Original, Rich, Educational Content Created by Experts
Educational Videos
Interactive Videos
Question and Answer and Riddles
Everyday Life
Living Values
How to Draw?

Supporting creative thinking and language skills; storytelling and DIY videos.
Supporting social & emotional development; videos that include relationships, teamwork, empathy and many other living values and concepts. Supporting motor & physical development; DIY videos and sports activities.By joining the KidzJungle world, you can make your child's time with your mobile devices safe, fun and educational. Contribute the time spent in front of the screen to your child.

Performance reports showing daily and overall gains:

You can access all the information from the usage period of the child in the application to the benefits he/she receives from the sections he/she uses in the application through specially prepared reports and follow the developmental stages.

Come join the world of KidzJungle!

Make your child's time with your mobile devices safe, fun and educational!

Membership Details:
7 days free trial period
The right to cancel at any time during the trial period without paying any fees.

For assistance and more information, please contact us at [email protected].

Terms of Use and Privacy:

As the KidzJungle team, we care deeply about your and your child's safety. In this context, we apply COPPA standards, which are strict rules regarding children's information security.

You can read our Terms of Use here:

To read our full Privacy Policy:

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game KidzJungle - Joyful Contents.


Developer: MTEK

Recent changes: Bug fixes and performance updates have been made in the KidzJungle mobile application to make your child have a more enjoyable time. We also added 4 new games.

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