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Kids learn addition: speak answers: Archer teaches play online

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Kids learn addition: speak answers: Archer teaches

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Kids learn addition: speak answers: Archer teaches.

Kids Learn Addition App uses voice recognition technology.
Kids also learn to speak English in proper American Accent.

Archer, the teacher is a cute dog who is a friendly mathematician. Kids love to learn from him.

The interactive Menu, clearly spoken commentary, lesson, and tests make this app a great tool for preschooler, kindergarten, and grade 1 kids to learn addition and counting.

Commentary on the First Screen:
Hello kids! Archer, a mathematician, will teach you addition of two numbers, and then he will give you tests on the addition of two numbers.

In the menu on the screen, you have five choices. You can click on any one of these choices during, or after this commentary is over.

By selecting lesson, you will attend Archer's class on addition.

In test 1, Archer will test you on the addition of two numbers, with each number 10 or less than 10. He will say two numbers he wants you to add, and you will speak your answer to him. For example, if Archer says 7+8. In answer to his question, you will say 15.
Try to speak clearly, so that Archer can understand your answers. He will say 'wrong' if your answer is wrong, or if he cannot understand what answer you have given. Try to speak in American accent.

Every time before speaking, press the red mike button and wait for a short ring, and then speak.

In the test 2, Archer will test you on the addition of two numbers, with each number 20 or less than 20.

The fourth selection is to exit the app.

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This app uses the voice recognition, and voice synthesizer technology. Therefore, you must have the latest version of Android installed on your device, which will include TTS (Google Text to Speech Engine)

To update Android version, Go to Google Settings and select 'About Device', and update the software.

To select language, go to 'Language and Input"
Language : English (United State)
Google voice typing Automatic
Then, Speech:
Voice search, choose default language, English (US)
On Text to speech options:
Choose Google Text to Speech Engine

Archer Class on Addition:
First, let us understand the sign + (plus), which means addition. We place this sign between the two numbers we want to add.
For example, if we want to add 6 and 2, we write it as 6 + 2.
Now let us look at two parallel lines, =. This sign is called equal sign. We place this sign after the two numbers and before the answer to the question.
Therefore, the final and complete expression we write will be like
6 + 2 = 8

If you do not remember how much 6 + 2 is, then, you can use the method of counting.

Method Of Counting:
Here we have a group of 6 stars, and a group of 2 stars. By counting these stars, we can find out how much 6 + 2 will be.
To count, start with number 6, the bigger number, and count the stars in the second group, the group with 2 stars.
The count will be 7 and 8.
Therefore, the answer to 6 +2 will be 8.

Now let us find out how much 4 + 8 is.
Now we have 4 stars in one group and eight stars in the second group.
Again, we start with the number 8, the bigger number, and count the 4 stars in the second group.
In this case, the count will be, 9, 10, 11, and 12.
Therefore, the answer to 4 + 8 will be 12.
And we write it as 4 + 8 = 12.

In the real situation, to count, you are not going to have stars. Try to use your fingers instead of the stars.

For kids living in countries other than United State, this app not only teaches them addition and counting, but also gives them a chance to learn to speak in American Accent, which is the most spoken accent in the world. Every time, Archer does not understand kids' accent, he says the correct answer. By listening to his answer, kids learn to speak numbers the way he speaks.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Kids learn addition: speak answers: Archer teaches.


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