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Khmara PRO Application was developed for informing the population in real time about the hazard that will occur in case of a possible nuclear accident. After a real explosion or radiation release, the affected area and wind direction will be displayed online and the application will alert all your loved ones about the danger. Users will be able to see on the map the location of the nearest Nuclear Power Plants and High-Risk Objects, as well as launch a nuclear strike scenario at any point on the map with the possibility to choose the impact force in the kilotons.

All these features of the application will allow you to adjust not only your salvation but also the salvation of your loved ones in a nuclear emergency.

App features

Khmara PRO allows you to assess the affected area and see the forecast of spreading radioactive contamination considering the wind speed and direction in real-time
In case of a real nuclear strike or an accident at the Nuclear Power Plant, operators immediately mark the points of the attack on the map
You can start a scenario of an accident or explosion at the Nuclear Power Plant
The app includes emergency call buttons for the selected country, as well as recommended actions in case of a nuclear explosion to increase the chances of survival
In case of a nuclear threat, the app will automatically notify your loved ones about the danger

Features expected in the next version

Real-time display of background radiation on the map throughout Ukraine and in neighbouring countries
Possibility for the user to automatically send an emergency message in advance to the added users via SMS
Possibility to remain updated on their loved ones whereabouts with their consent and display their recent place in case of not being able to get in touch with the latter
Possibility to get additional information about the weather (air temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure) of any place in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, or Moldova.
Along with the smartphone app, you can install a widget on the main screen with the weather forecast and radiation background, including not only the Nuclear Power Plants areas, but also nearby.
Informing about air raid alerts
Displaying Police Stations, Hospitals, Fire Departments, bomb shelters and other public protective services on the map
Creating the evacuation route bypassing the affected area

Planned implementation of the above-mentioned features - MARCH 2023.

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