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One day, the booming commercial island of Mistyveil was suddenly attacked by a great horde of Fishmen. Just as order was restored to the island and its operations resumed, the Governor was abducted by a mysterious figure. You suddenly find yourself cast into the role of Acting Governor. Now, you must join hands with heroes across various civilizations to save the world from destruction while building up the island and its thriving commerce. Thwart the conspiracy of those in the shadows and steer Mistyveil towards ever-growing prosperity! Great is the challenge and responsibility placed into your hands!

Rich Turn-based Battle Tactics

Overcome challenges by experimenting with different hero combinations in a turn-based battle system. Add greater intricacies to your tactics with Ultimate Skills that can be released at will. Explore endless formations combining a wealth of legendary equipment and heroes, forming the ultimate team unique to you alone for saving the world!

Effortlessly Obtain Materials While Idle

Not enough EXP or materials? Don't have the time and energy to endlessly challenge new stages? Fret not! For in this land blessed by the Time Goddess, you can simply go away for a while before returning to harvest all sorts of goodies using the Time Goddess' wondrous magic!

Free Reign to Plan Your Island

As Acting Governor, you hold the crucial responsibility of building and running the island in the Governor's absence. Unleash your imagination and build your own one-of-a-kind Mistyveil. You can also fashion the island with trees and small decorative buildings, increasing its popularity and enticing evermore tourists to come travel and spend!

Close Connection Between Battle and Commerce

As you set out to sea and explore, you will inevitably encounter unprecedented trials. When the heroes under your command no longer have the power to advance, don't forget to return to your island and give the materials you collected to the craftsmen to produce better equipment! Then break through the impasse with your newly equipped heroes! Harness the mutual cycle of battling to build your island, and building your island to upgrade and strengthen your heroes for battle!

Cultural Harmony and Shock

Countless cultures are waiting to be discovered and explored. Whether it's food or drink, each local specialty brings out the uniqueness of the host civilization. Collect all materials and ingredients to enrichen your menus and become a haven amongst tourists. Experience the charms of various cultures whether in battle or in building!

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Developer: CamelStudio

Recent changes: 1.Optimized performance and fixed some online problems.
2.Fixed some problems and optimized some experiences.

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