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Jack in Space

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Jack in Space - educational game.

Jack in space is an exciting game with a fascinating story, an interesting plot and professional voiceover. Here you will find 10 interesting and fun games for children up to 8 years old who are actively learning the world.In each level, developers have hidden a lot of interactive elements that will please your child with funny and unexpected animations.
In a fun way, your child will learn the numbers, learn to count, determine colors and shapes.Jack will help develop attention, logic and memory.
Your child and Jack will go on an amazing space journey, get acquainted with the planets of the solar system, constellations, space objects and also learn a lot of interesting facts about the cosmos. Each level of the game "Jack in Space" is accompanied by a story that is combined into one storyline.

You will find mini-games in the game "Jack in Space"

1. Near Jacks house. The child must find and count the stars that are visible in the sky.
2. Flying Ship. The task of the children is to build a spaceship for Jack to fly into space.
3. The boy in Space. Despite the name of the toy, it is suitable for both little boys and little girls. The goal of the game for kids is to collect garbage of various shapes.
4. Living Planets. Jack will need the help of the kids to collect the picture. Children and 2, and 4 years will cope with the task.
5. Powerful assistants. Kids should help Jack learn how to assemble a robot.
6. Constellations of the starry sky. Here the kids have to connect the dots into the famous constellations. Developing children's tasks aimed at the development of motor skills and logic.
7. At the edge of the universe. Now its important for the children to help Jack clear the way for the constructed spaceship. The task will be able to complete the children and 3, and 5 years.
8. Thousand and one door. You need to solve children's puzzles for Jack to open the door.
9. On the desolate planet. Build a space station with Jack.
10. Cosmonauts vegetable garden. Your smart kids will easily grow a space garden and harvest.

Characteristics of the game
- Bright graphics
- Funny animations
- Interactive background
- Various game elements
- A fascinating story line with background to each level
- Voice recording
- Different difficulty levels
- Funny music and sounds
- Cognition, education and development of the child

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Jack in Space - educational game.


Developer: Kids games for girls and boys, toddlers and babies

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