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Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense play online

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Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense.

Get ready for modern battles to defend your islands against evil invaders!

Your team is consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things.

Deep in the conflict between you and evil invaders. Protect your freedom and liberty.

Fight in tropical islands, mountains and deserts.

Command your modern iron troops and find the best islands strategy to be number one in the awesome game with awesome battles.

Islands Defense
Awesome game with great units and characters
* Epic islands defense battles
* Lot of soldiers, tanks and guns.
* 3 islands with unique levels allows you to feel a total defense
* 11 unique guns
* More than 20 unique enemies
* 100+ islands defense levels in tropics desert and towns
* A lot of angry enemies
* Enemies from infantry to aviation
* Upgrade your units in laboratory

Defense games have never been so extreme and beautiful.

The best total Islands Defense you've ever seen with a huge amount of iron and battles!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense.


Developer: Skizze Games

Genre: Strategy

App version: 20.32.571

App size: 101M


Okay let me start off by saying this is a great game I love the way you can work different strategies in by switching out heroes and towers.....on the heroes though, there is no way to figure out what the upgrades for each character are?...seeing as how the last two on each hero is different....I also like how you can unlock a few new ones along the way....but I've also bought a few things as well.... I hope a future update will include more info screens and more levels...

`Fun game but the attempt at making you pay is sad. They throw all the "new" turrets at the front but you can't use them unless you pay. I had all my heroes and free turrets fully upgraded halfway through the game, now I am just collecting gold that I can't even spend. If the game seems difficult, its not. You just have to learn what your turrets do. You literally don't have to spend anything and you can make it through the entire game. I've had the game maybe 1 week and I'm almost done.`,

Ummm, the tutorial is nonsense. It's confusing... Never figured out how to do new abilities or get the basic mechanics of the game. I've played about a dozen different tower defense games and this is the worst that I've played. Tried playing tutorial 3 times and couldn't take being confused anymore, so I uninstalled and will be looking for a better game.

Good game, not many ads. Only complaint is why cant my heroes attack ships and stuff like they got guns and the boats are really close why cant they shoot them ,why must I use a rocket thingy. Literally it was the only flaw . If you have a hero with a gun it should be able to attack the flying and water enemies. Great game would recommend

Great time waster. For free! You don't have to spend money to win those harder levels. You have to play smarter thats all. But I reallg liked the game its free and eventually you do pass it. You could spend money but they don't trick you into it or shove it down your throat like other games that claim to be free. I love this game."

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