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Play this online game named iScanBooth.

***Free for a limited amount of time for launch of app!!


Did you know that your fortune cannot only be read from your palm? It can also be read through your eye!

iScanBooth incorporates ancient eye reading techniques thought to be lost over centuries of time. Combined with the wonders of technology and scientific research, as used by the Pentagon, this application is able to give the most accurate readings and results of ANY other app on the market today!

Are you ready for the most intense and realistic eye fortune scanning application released to date? If so, then this app is for YOU! It’s simple and incredibly EASY TO USE. Check it out now and you won’t be disappointed! The surprise at the end will change your life FOREVER!

iScanBooth will get an accurate scan of your eye and display mind-blowing results depicting your future.

You believed that didn’t you?

iScanBooth is actually the perfect way to mess with your friends and have a good laugh!

iScanBooth will turn your device into the best fake eye scanner on the market! There is nothing that will give you more satisfaction than this intense, realistic, and hilarious pranking experience, we guarantee it!

Through the wonders of the top mobile technology, you can trick your friends by making them believe that they can see their destiny just by simply scanning their eye. Realistic and unique fake fortune results will be revealed, which can often even apply to your friend’s lives. Instructions will trick your friends into making the most ridiculous faces and they won’t be aware of the secret photo taken during the scan of their eye. This photo will be revealed at the end of the prank, resulting in endless laughter.

Fortunes will be different every time, ensuring a unique and memorable experience! Get ready... once the pranking starts, you will never want to stop! So gather all your friends and laugh together!

Just save or post these hilarious results on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Sharing with your friends has never been easier!

What are you waiting for? Stop hesitating and GET iScanBooth NOW!

Don’t delay... PRANK TODAY!


Still FREE for a limited time!



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