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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Integrated Raffle.

The app offers the option of associating names with the numbers, which adds a personal touch and allows each number drawn to be linked to a specific person or item. This is particularly useful in scenarios such as prize draws or task assignments, where it is important to have a clear match between the drawn numbers and the participants.

When creating the draw, a unique web link for the draw is generated, which allows the draw roulette to be opened on another device. This allows you to display the draw roulette on a projector, for example, where everyone can see the result, or open the draw on another cell phone, tablet, etc. while using the main cell phone to broadcast the draw, in a live, for example.

Start individually and see the result with everyone!
> 1. Install the app
> 2. Distribute the numbers
> 3. Open draw by cell phone or computer (on projector)

With our app you can create random draws of numbers and names.

Main use cases:
Event entry.
Post-cult draw.
Social Networks: Increase your engagement with sweepstakes shared in lives, sharing or recording your device's screen.
Raffle: Help the environment: use the app instead of paper and be more sustainable..
Workshop: Attract attention and retain shared knowledge by sharing giveaways with attendees.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Integrated Raffle.


Developer: Aretrix

Recent changes: In this update we focused on improving your user experience and fixed some bugs! New: Click and hold a button to see its contents.

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