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iAccess Life is a platform designed out of an essential need to change the way our community accommodates those of us with physical limitations. We have designed this app to give users with a disabilities, wheelchair users, and users of mobility aides such as canes and walkers a platform for their voices to be heard, to share their experiences with accessibility at establishments around the world, and to find new and accessible places to visit and explore. iAccess Life is your disabled access guide as well as your platform to share your experiences with accessibility in public places. Whether you are paralyzed, suffer from a spinal cord injury or have experienced a health set back that requires you to use a wheelchair, cane, walker, crutches, etc. we feel that iAccess Life is an essential tool for your everyday life. As a disabled traveler or wheelchair traveler you can use iAccess Life to future plan by searching for accessible hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. that meet your accessibility needs with their accommodations.

We encourage happiness, exploration and wanderlust. At iAccess we want to instill this type of energy into our users. Some users may come to us with all these qualities already ingrained in their DNA. Others may be looking to find their footing as they embark on a new journey. Our goal is to help everyone access life, as stress free as possible by being your guide to accessible events and venues. iAccess Life is for those ready to embark on a new adventure and an unforgettable experience. Through empowering users with mobility impairments, we hope to create an awareness around accessibility issues and how easily they can be addressed.

We have a passion for creating moments and we want to be the catalyst for yours. Dont look for change, BE the change!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game iAccess Life - Explore Rate Review Accessibility.


Developer: iAccess Innovations

Recent changes: - Add browse as guest feature
- Add "Show only rated places" Filter
- Add location website to locations profile page
- Updated "Thank You" Message for Ratings
- Recommend/Share a location & Location Deep linking
- Brand Ambassador Contest Component on Lifetime Activity Dashboard

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