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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Husky Control.

Use your wrist to control your Husqvarna Automower

The Wear OS Standalone App connects to your mower via Automower Connect API and displays the current status of your mower (or your mowers if you have multiple mowers).

With the app you can start, stop, pause and park your mower. The current mower path is displayed graphically based on the GPS data received.

The app requires an Internet connection, which is either provided directly by your Smartwatch (WLAN or mobile data connection), or established via the Bluetooth connection to the smartphone.

Requirements for Operation

You must have a Husqvarna Automower with Connect module in operation and have already created a valid Husqvarna account and registered and assigned the mower. Pairing can be done with the original Husqvarna Automower Connect app for your smartphone. Follow the instructions there.

When you first start the Smartwatch app, it will ask for your Husqvarna account (email address) and password to authenticate with Automower Connect.

If you log in successfully, the app will switch to the main screen if you have only connected one mower, otherwise a list of your connected mowers will appear for you to choose from. You can change the active mower at any time by calling up the list again from the menu (wiping from bottom to top).

If you wipe from top to bottom, you will see buttons to switch between the GPS Map and Main View, as well as buttons with the current actions allowed to control your mower, such as Start, Stop, Park, etc.

The main view displays the following Information:

- the name of your mower
- the current mower status
- ECO mode active/inactive
- the current cutting height
- the state of charge of the battery
- GPS-supported navigation active/inactive
- the Connect connection status
- the mower timer is active/inactive
- the weather timer is active/inactive

The following information is displayed in the GPS view:

- the last 50 GPS coordinates of the mower
- paths further back in time are coloured dark, newer paths are brighter
- the mower path and direction is represented by arrows
- the GeoFence center point is displayed as a green circle

With a double tap on the display, you can enlarge the view up to 4 times (zoom) until it is reduced to the normal size again.

The status of the mower and the position are updated at regular short intervals.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Husky Control.


Developer: Achim Sellmann

Recent changes: Improvements and Bugfixes

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