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Play this online game named HoneyBee.

The only objective is to survive! Do you think you have what it take to reach the top of the tree?

How to play:
-touch the screen to move
-touch the honey to collect it
-avoid falling objects
-try not to run out of honey

Somewhere in the world, there stands a giant tree that has immeasurable height. Near the bottom of the tree, a bee-hive hangs from a branch. A mischievous cute little bee happens to live inside the hive. During one peaceful afternoon, the hive suddenly vanishes. So now the bee, being confused and scared, doesn't know where to go before the nightfall. Suddenly a drop of honey falls down and hits the head of the bee, and then it realizes its hive must be at the top of the tree.
So begins the journey of the bee, where it has to fly up the never-ending tree in order to find its hive again. There are many obstacles along the way. The bee needs to dodge falling objects, branches, and leaves while continuing to collect the honey drops in order to gain energy to continue flying. It seems like a difficult task, but is the bee determined enough to make it all the way to the top and find its home?

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-Update Graphics
-added first time tutorial
-increased flying speed



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