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Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard play online

Free play online Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard APK

Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard

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Play this online game named Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard.

Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard that makes typing Hindi faster than ever before.

Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard

Chat with your friends and family in your native language - use Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard on any chatting or social media on your mobile like a

routine keyboard.

# Key Features of Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard

+ Enjoy default keyboard and type in Hindi.
+ Control Vibrations, sounds and many more settings.
+ English to Hindi AND Hindi To English converter.
+ Fancy Art & Fancy Text.
+ Spelling Checking, word prediction swipe to type & more.
+ Toggle Hindi or English for Hindi voice typing keyboard.
+ Hindi To English Translator.
+ Hindi SMS.
+ Many More.

Enter characters in unicode encoding format.
+ For writing के [ke] use this order क +े
+ For writing conjuncts use ् for joining characters. Eg : क्ष = क+्+ष

You can use this keyboard to write in Hindi text. No need to copy and paste Hindi text. This app is useful for INDIA people and Hindi speaking people across

the world.

How to Use Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard:

Step 1:
+ To Set Enable Hindi Keyboard with single touch windows.

Step 2:
+ After enabling the Hindi keyboard set the input method between the Hindi keyboard and
device default keyboard.

Step 3:
+ Using Images option you can set your image or photo in keyboard background when its open
for type in Hindi

Step 4:
+ Theme option used for select best keyboard theme whatever you like, simple choose out of theme.

Step 5:
+ Font option used for set font style according to your selection in font keyboard.

Step 6:
+ Now Support Phonetic features in Hindi keyboard type in Hindi indic.

Step 7:
+ now just type in English and you will see the magic your English latter will be converted in Hindi language.

Step 8:
+ Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard is also implemented now just speech in Hindi and English and you will get it in written.

Download Hindi Voice Typing Keyboard Now.




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