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Adult men need about 56 grams a day and adult women need about 46 grams a day (71 grams, if pregnant or breastfeeding). We have listed hundreds of high protein foods.

High Protein Diet (Foods Sources) is a free app about top protein foods and high protein diets for vegetarian or non-vegetarian people of all ages. App has information about all type of high quality protein food sources suitable for a number of purposes such as muscle building or Rapid Weight Loss or bodybuilding or just for daily breakfast or other meals.

High Protein Diet (Foods Sources) Features:

• High Protein Foods Recipes
• Foods listed in order from highest Protein amount to lowest
• All food items are approved by USDA*
• Complete nutritional detail of each food item - (You will need internet for this only)
• teens of food items are available offline & for free
• Frequent update

App as following primary categories:

* High Protein Diet (Foods Sources)
* Understanding Proteins
* Health Benefits of Proteins
* Protein Diet
* High Protein Diet
* High Protein Cereals and Pulses
* High Protein Dairy Products
* High Protein Fruits and Nuts
* High Protein Vegetables and Beans
* High Protein Diet Sources Food
* High Protein Fishes and Sea foods
* High Protein Meat and Poultry
* High Protein Diet (Foods Sources)
* Symptoms of Protein Deficiency
* Protein Deficiency Diseases
* Health Risks due to excess Proteins
* High Protein Diet (Foods Sources)
* Protein Rich Food Source Guide
* High Protein Low Carb Diet

Other language to find our application :

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دليل أنواع المكملات الغذائية
المكملات الغذائية
gym arabs
تمارين كمال الأجسام
fitness and bodybuilding
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كمال الأجسام
gym egypt
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Proteins are the building blocks of life and are necessary for the proper growth and development of the human body. Proteins are used by our body to make enzymes hormones which indeed are very much required by our body to perform all the processes and reactions to occur.

Our daily diet is considered incomplete without sufficient servings of proteins so we must include healthy options of protein rich foods so as to get us enough protein to maintain muscle healthy organs and beautiful skin & hair. We have tried compiling all major categories of Food sources and their availability in all places of the world such as:

1. Top Vegetables and Beans
2. Fruits and Nut
3. Dairy Products
4. Meat & Poultry
5. Fishes & Sea Foods
6. Cereals and Pulses

In this app - High Protein Diet (Foods Sources) - we have compiled a list of foods that are rich in proteins and essential amino acids required for growth and development in children teens adults pregnant women and all vegetarians and non vegetarian lovers. App contains the complete list of top protein rich foods that are easily available everywhere in the world and are completely natural. This compilation is not only suitable for weight gain and muscle building but also for your Weight loss goals for vegetarians and non vegetarians.

We have included all type of food items such as fruits vegetables meat and dairy products that can help you gaining muscles really fast.

Realize where you can locate your common wellspring of protein, products of the soil, carb high protein nourishment thus significantly more

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