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Hidden Mystery

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Play this online game named Hidden Mystery.


Do you really like to play game like solving mysterious chaos and to do job like detective! This game is for you. Find the hidden objects and be a detective.
Hidden Mystery game is designed with most beautiful and dramatic theme mes that offer so much excitement.

If you like mystery worlds environment and you're ready to discover secrets in the given scene. find a hidden object and enjoy wonders of the hidden secret in game. Because The Detectives always play mystery solving job, So Find the hidden objects and be a detective. Discover more secrets hidden in Hidden Mystery game. Complete all the levels and solve the mystery. The best strategy to find objects is, just keep your sharp eyes to look for on the object and make them separate from full scene.

The hard mode is a time constrained mode which is a real challenge to test your visual skills to search all the stuff in a short time. Test your eyesight of finding stuff and brain power by solving the mysteries in hidden mysteries game object. Your gaming experience will surely going to be improve to! Download these exquisite “hidden object mystery games” and see it for yourself. Unlock the levels and hunt the treasure as a coins. to get hind on next levels.

solve secret behind every scene. Hidden Mystery game object finding games will make you and your kids concentrated on mobile screen, so it is mind development also. Finding object games inside this bunch will make you concentrate continuously until you solve all the secrets behind every scenes.

Surprises at every levels, Find items in level as fast as you can! Move the picture when it is zoomed to find the hidden objects! You can zoom in the picture to find the hidden item easily! Some objects are hidden in the shadows of other objects.Find it and solve the mystery level. Be sure and double touch the found object, If you are not sure than you may lost the chance. Time stamp and limited chances makes more excitement in game play.

This is Puzzle type Game that takes you through mysterious area inside royal mansions, castles,fantasy, vampires, storeroom and ruined places from all over the world.
Discover HUNDREDS of hidden objects inside this Fun Game! It' matter of beyond your imagination, Schelling complex mission to play in Hidden mystery game.

Key points :
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Seek The Hidden Object Game
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Whats inside Game!

- HD Artwork!
- Game is 100% Free
- 200+ Objects to find!
- Available Hints to help you when you!
- Magnifier, Zoom in feature!
- Investigate scandals and solve fun puzzles!
- Interactive and neat UI
- Video rewarded system to get hint for solving hard hidden object!
- Game is Designed for all the ages of audience for Kid, younger and adults!
- Amazing Silhouettes!
- HOURS of searching for objects!
- Suitable background music!
- Internet connection is not must to play!

DOWNLOAD (FREE) NOW to and perform adventure inside! by solving all mystery in game.




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