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HEZ 2 - Bent Stati vs Lbenj 2018 play online

Free play online HEZ 2 - Bent Stati vs Lbenj 2018 APK


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Play this online game named HEZ 2 - Bent Stati vs Lbenj 2018.

Haz 2-bent stati vs lbenj is a very popular card game in Morocco.

The application Hez2- bent stati vs lbenj on the concept of a challenge of rappers, and especially between ily ake bant stati and lbenj zakaria.

- A new look is not like other applications, we have added
several settings for funny and love it.
- Haz2 -bent stativs lbenj is a Moroccan application, a card game
popular in Morocco contains 40 cards like ronda and makla.

- to play you have to choose a card that has the same number
of the card in the center or a card that has the same type,
and if you have no card to play you must draw a card in the
cards on the right.
★ the first player who plays all his cards wins the match ..
There are 3 special cards:
★ Lbenj must take 2 cards from "cercle", and if Lbenj also has card 2, you have to take 4 etc.
★ Ily must play one more round, if lbenj also has card 1, he stops your turn and play one more etc.
★ you change the type of playing cards


We are always happy to hear from you! If you have any comments,
questions or concerns, please write to us at:

[email protected]


* important note :

- this game the challenge between lbenj and ilham to laugh,
it's not to earn points or money.




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