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New type of a 3d games of horror theme with horror ice cream seller in this scary creepy games 3D and ice cream truck game of Ice-cream scary neighbor games. In this horror game the ice-cream seller of the rod truck icecream christmas game 3d has come to the neighborhood for selling the ice scream.Christmas is near and many poor children are in grieve. Suddenly an ic cream truck throw some gifts to the children. But they did not know that its trap.They follow it to get more thing but one friend is caught and kidnaped. All friend are very worry about him and make a plan to release him from that rod wicked ice cream seller man.This wicked man has some kind of poison to kill the child.

This creepy game, horror game and scary game is terrifying ice-cream seller's this Ice-cream scary neighbor game you have to find key to release your friend but remember he will chase you also. He has an evil plan of his mind to kidnapping the kids of town and you need to find out where is it. This is very interesting game, adventure game and horror game of town. All you know he takes them into the ice cream van.So now your mission is that hiding inside his van and drive from his office and find some important equipment for redeem your friend and solving the mystery of this evil villain of this Ice-cream scary neighbor game.

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Developer: Arreena Loft

Recent changes: Make performance better

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