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HAX WARS: AR Hacking Heists

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Do you love the thrill of hacking, robbery, and bank heist fun AR games with tons of actions and missions? Want to buy and train NFT drones and send them into competitions?

Play and earn in HAX WARS, which is the first augmented reality "Hack-to-Earn" game in the metaverse. Follow your criminal DNA and get rich, but without violating any real-life law. Enjoy one of the best AR games with hacking and robbery.


HACK & INFILTRATE: Hack and rob ATMs, banks, petrol stations, and other hot spots. Use our advanced AR simulator and stunning visuals to experience new levels of excitement. Overview your place on the live map and start exploring the environment. Tap on dots to select targets, view target info, and start hacking and robbing. Complete missions, build a reputation, and win the hacking & robbery ar wars. Embark in ultra-thrilling NFT drone wars in the metaverse all while enjoying cyberpunk visuals.

EXPAND & RULE: Become famous hacker and criminal. Found a criminal syndicate. Become even stronger by completing missions and earning game currency for boosters and game items. Start as a rookie, then expand to hacker boy and operator as you grow your experience level. Do you have the skills to earn the highest accolade and become the Oyabun to make the HAX WARS metaverse yours?

Control your territory, and fight your rivals. Form your own gang with other gamers in the AR battle game, and grow it to a powerful syndicate, which can build its own infrastructure: big & safe home bases, drone hangars, black markets, own cash machines etc.

PLAY & EARN: The proceeds from your heists are credited to you in the in-game currency iHAX, which you can use to buy more extras and boosters. The internal currency iHAX may be exchangeable for real crypto-tokens at a later date. Thats another reason to play our ar game!

- augmented reality gameplay (can be turned off) with cyberpunk metaverse visuals
- play to earn model
- hack, infiltrate, expand, rule
- live map that shows the environment around your position
- click dots to select targets or use a target selection tool on the side
- check the inventory, hangar, and black market
- 1000+ missions
- check your player stats
- overview of your logbook
- see base claim
- get target info
- exciting augmented reality heist missions in an NFT land
- earn iHAX game coins to buy more extras and boosters such as infiltration devices, red keys, drones, and more

Now its time to try one of the most exciting hacking and robbing games of 2022 that utilizes augmented reality for added anticipation and a realistic feel.

Download and play HAX WARS for FREE.

Our AR metaverse game is still a work in progress. So, if you have any feedback, want to report a bug, or want to send suggestions, please contact us at [email protected] Till then enjoy the purely exciting hacking, robbery AR gaming on mobile with HAX WARS
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Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game HAX WARS: AR Hacking Heists.


Developer: Accentive

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