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This guide for metal slug 3 contains usefull tips and tricks, which can improve ryour game expirience.

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1) Guide for Metal Slug 1, 2, 3.
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Amazingly, the manual for Metal Slug 3 reveals an absurdly serious backstory concerning a series of wars, alien experiments, and weirdly specific details regarding internal backbiting within military subdivisions. None of this really comes across in the game, though, which comes across as rather humorous as you send your soldiers up a vicious and nearly endless stream of enemies. As you run, swim, and fly from the left to the right, you'll fight some seriously ridiculous enemies. Aside from the fatigue-sporting soldiers in Morden's army, who have a penchant for grenades, bazookas, and what appear to be handmade bottle rockets, you'll battle abominable snowmen, the undead (in both zombie and mummy forms), oversized crustaceans, insects, and plants, as well as a decent cross-section of aliens. And that's not taking into consideration the massive, screen-filling bosses you'll face at the end of each of the game's five levels.

You'll start off with a simple handgun that you can fire in any direction and a handful of grenades, but you'll regularly find high-powered limited-ammo weapons to help you make short work of the opposition. These weapons range from the simple and practical heavy machine gun to the goofy Iron Lizard, which essentially acts as a ground-hugging missile. For those not in the know, the title Metal Slug refers to the tank and tanklike vehicles that you come upon periodically in the game, and Metal Slug 3 includes no shortage of powerful, silly-looking vehicles for you to pilot, including tanks, power suits, jets, submarines, and helicopters, as well as a camel, an elephant, and an ostrich with Vulcan cannons strapped to them. The slugs really bring a lot of variety to the gameplay, since each essentially has a unique set of controls. The Metal Slug studied at the school of Contra, but it goes in its own direction with its wacky nature and rather high level of difficulty. Metal Slug 3 isn't for scrubs, and with a single shot putting an end to your hero, the game requires you to bring your A-Game for the entire ride. However, once you get attuned to the game's nonstop pacing, the skill-based gameplay is incredibly enjoyable.

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