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First and foremost: This app is NOT a game. This is a GUIDE for the Binding of Isaac (Made by Edmund McMillen). I am not him, I am not affiliated, nor have I ever directly spoken with him.

This aplication contains all the item, monste, boss information that can be tedious to memorize. Can't remember what that one item does? Just look it up in this app.

This wiki shows you complete information about:

- Items
- Trinkets
- Cards and Runs
- Achievements
- Transformations
- Seeds
- Pills
- Monsters
- Bosses
- Characters
- Objects
- Floors
- Rooms
- Challenges
- Curses

*Different visualization modes (icon and list)

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Guide for BOI Unofficial.


Developer: Kiotto

Genre: Entertainment

App version: 1.0.3

App size: 18M

Recent changes: Update info and fixed bugs


This is the best Isaac app I have found. It's not perfect, but get it. I do have some suggestions for the developer: 1. For achievements, some are outright missing, and the naming isn't quite right, so it is hard to search. Most importantly, there isn't a way to sort by achievements you haven't gotten, which would he great for planning 2. Some item and character descriptions have doubled words 3. A way to filter items by acquired/not acquired would make a giant difference Thanks for the app!

It is pretty good and quick way to research items, the one problem I have is the fact that when you go on the character list and pick a character that already was implemented pre-repentance and you look at there unlocks, there are only the afterbirth plus achievements, there so it can be a little difficult to see what you want to unlock next, other than that it is fine

Useful, but unprofessional. The ads are very well balanced, and it works well offline. But, there are many grammar issues, false info, and incomplete items. Some items have bad descriptions with not much info, some spelling errors, and false info!!! I use this much as it's easier to navigate than the wiki, but the wiki is more detailed, and you need to add links that take you to a certain page when an item or enemy is mentioned. 4 stars.

Some achievements not the right picture like eucharistic has the silver dollar shown but it's altogether useful and helpful. I liked it enough I was willing to pay so... Take it as you will

Pretty good, has most Repentance content as of 1/5/22 and that's better than the bigger Isaac Guide app. I would really like to see dark mode and also a widget so I can search the app from my homescreen, that'd really make it 5-star"

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