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Play this online game named Growth!.

It'll grow on you!

Growth is a colourful and creative game where you nurture a garden of happy, dancing flowers to create a blissful riot of colour and movement!

Swipe to fling globes of vital water to your thirsty flowers and see them change and grow.
Choose the flowers that suit your mood and unlock upgrades as your garden grows!

- Fling balls of water to bring your garden to life
- Blossom your plants into happy flowers that dance to the music
- Upgrade your flowers to unlock new characters that give you higher scores
- Create combos with Revive Chains to keep stacking up your score even higher
- Tap the rare butterfly to instantly gain heaps of points
- Collect Sun Points to unlock new flower skins in My Garden
- Maintain as many flowers as you can to get the highest score on the leaderboard

Don't worry, be happy :)


An awesome new update has blossomed! :)

Revive Chains - Revive flowers consecutively without missing to stack huge points! Get graded on how sweet your revive chain was, 'Great!, Awesome!'

Multiplier - Each additional flower dancing multiplies your points!

Score Feedback - Points appear for every watered flower and for tapping the butterfly!

My Garden - White rings represent your selected characters, and Flower Unlocked or Missed appears after you fling the sunlight ball!

Plus Bug Fixes ;)



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