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GPS-Speedo is a digital speedometer based on the values of your GPS sensor. It is displaying speed, precise GPS-time, coordinates, altitude, a compass with bearing and, if a data connection available, the current location or address.
Choose between analogue od digital speedo display. Optional auto range function.

Selectable speed units: miles per hour (mph), kilometers per hour (kmh, km/h), knots (kts), m/s. Distance units statute miles (mi), kilometers (km), nautical miles (Nm). Altitude units: feet (ft), meters (m), yards.

With GPS enabled you get high position accuracy, only limited by the GPS quality of your device! Using the averaging option you can even obtain higher precision.

Special optional item for car drivers: Automatic changing of the background color at common speed limits:
Colors and limits can be customized
Unreliable speed values are shaded in gray (eg. if the sensor is indicating a low speed, but no location change is detected).

Selectable speed output formats: mph, km/h, m/s, kt
Selectable distance and altitude formats: mi, km, Nm, m, ft, yd
Different degree formats selectable (Degrees, Degrees + minutes, degrees + minutes + seconds).

GPS-Tacho also provides trip statistics with maximal speed, duration, odometer, average total speed, moving time and average speed when moving, ascend and descend sum. Please respect, that altitude values from GPS have only an accuracy of one third compared to horizontal coordinates!

Your can get high precision averaged GPS coordinates to reduce GPS error eg for placing geocaches.
Averaging and trip statistics now run in a separate service, ensuring not to be terminated if app is running in background.

You can save a location as GPX POI (waipoint) file on your device memory or sd-card.

For raw positioning network based localization is supported (internet access necessary), but coordinate averaging and trip statistics require GPS. Please keep in mind, that the GPS sensors require high battery power. Although there are several power saving options in the settings, an expernal power supply is recommended for longer measurements.

Bugs found? Please send an error report for error localisation and removal or an email instead of giving bad rating!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game GPS-Speedo Pro.


Developer: W. Strickling

Recent changes: 3.0.2 Bugfix in close settings
3.0.0 optional UTM coordinates, saving all waypoints in one gpx file
Toggle analogue and digital speed display on click. Bugfixes
2.1.0 Color table editor, Android 6 permission system

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