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Now you can easily find out the political donations of thousands of brands and companies!

Enter a company or brand name. And well tell you what we know about the political donations made by the organization and its senior employees.

The app has information on clothing brands, home goods, restaurants, banks, universities, sports teams and much more!

Thousands of people are using the app already! Download it now.

What We Are About

Our app is about bringing more accountability and transparency to our political process. According to Congress and our Supreme Court, corporations are people. We hope that if enough citizens use our app when deciding what to purchase, more corporations will be incentivized to get out of politics. We see this as a way to give real people a louder voice.

How We Vet The Political Donations

Our team has spent thousands of hours vetting companies political donations with the tools available to us, and well continue refining our data to ensure our results are as accurate as possible. So far, weve focused on organizations spending in federal elections, and our next step will be to vet state expenditures.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Goods Unite Us.


Developer: Goods Unite Us

Recent changes: - Bug fixes and stability enhancements

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