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Welcome to Gold Detector - Gold Finder if you are looking for the best & authentic gold detecting application than you are at the right place at the right time.
Gold Detector & Gold finding application will help you in finding the metal or gold nearby vicinity, if you are a metallurgist than you will be convinced to use the app professional gold finder will also be happy to use such an application that will allow to find the gold.
Gold Finder app detects the matter with the magnetic sensor installed in the mobile device if the metal & stud or any steel build item is in its magnetic field than the application will indicate you the presence of the material by moving the device near to the area where the material is present.
Magnetic emf also performs the functionality of showing you the presence buried metals, wires or hidden gold plates buried. Silver rings are also detected by this application efficiently on nearing the device to the material if the magnetic field is stronger it will beep which will indicate the strong presence of material.
So why wait most authentic gold finder & metal detector of 2023 is in market which is absolutely free to use.
This Gold Detector - Gold Finder application detects magnetic field with an implanted magnetic sensor, magnetic field level (EMF) in nature magnetic field level (EMF) is about 49 T (micro tesla) or 490 mG (milli gauss); 1T = 10mG. When any type of metal (steel, iron) is in close vicinity, magnetic field level will be increased.
Key features
Easy to Use.
Less storage needed to download.
Minimal & creative UI.
Hidden Gold Plate finder.
Performs the functionality of wired magnetic sensor.
Professional gold finder & metallurgist will enjoy the app.
Emf sensor is also in working while using the app.
Best for 2022 for finding metals & Gold.
Thank you! For downloading Find Gold with detector 2023 do leave your feedback so we can give a better experience to our users through there feedback.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Gold Detector - Gold Finder.


Developer: Veko Mixo Studio APP

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