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Ghosts Detector Camera

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Play this online game named Ghosts Detector Camera.

Ghosts Detector Camera is a app for you to add ghost images in picture.
This is pretty cool and you can make it like a tool that can detect them.
The effect is great and feel like real result that you could ever imaging.
Do you believe that human could locate ghost or spirit with machine tool?
Do you think ghost can be found by using detector to see their real face?
Human have been trying on this for long time but so far still no evidence.
This make them so mystery and the phobia on them is always there for us.
With this app of Ghosts Detector Camera you can overcome your phobia in it.
Have you imaging if you meet them in real and you are alone that moment?
We believe this could be the craziest and scariest time a person can have.
We do not know what we could do at that time and can we save our own life?
Ghosts Detector Camera give you the chance to get used with them in picture.
From time to time you will increase your brave level and fear reducing soon.

Ghosts Detector Camera Features
- Add Ghosts Stickers in Your Pictures
- Take Pictures with Ready Made Frames
- Share the Pictures via Social Media

We believe one day ghost can be located with detector and the real face shown.
Time to experience something really different and train yourself be brave one.
Let's get yourself used to the horror environment now with Ghosts Detector Camera.




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