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Georgia Golf

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Georgia Golf.

Enjoy a relaxing round of golf in the piney woods.

Georgia Golf is an immersive 3D golfing game with simple controls, set on 18 holes in the lush woods of the Southeast United States.

Take stock of the hole with intuitive camera controls. Choose your club and take aim for your next masterful stroke. Aiming is done with two panning buttons for your thumbs on either side of your device's screen. Power of the shot comes from a simple meter that is held down longer for higher power shots.

Georgia Golf has an accurate physics simulation that controls the ball around the course and through the wind just as a ball in real life would. Even the Reynolds pocket is modelled as the only way to accurately simulate those big drives that the pros do.

There are 18 holes to play, each one a separate challenge of its own. Watch out for that water hazard on the 15th, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the 12th.

There are 2 difficulty modes. In the easy mode, a graphic is overlaid on the screen for you showing the likely path of the ball through the course. In expert mode, you must rely on your intuition with distances to the hole and how far your club will take the ball at maximum power on your current lie.

Enjoy the advanced feature of contacting the ball a little lower or higher than normal for extra bite on your iron shots.

To win the game and get your secret code, achieve the result of Major Champion on expert mode!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Georgia Golf.


Developer: Playtechtonics

Genre: Sports

App version: 1.24

App size: 38M

Recent changes: Playability improvements


I believe this app has Spyware or malware, or something. The app works fine for awhile. Then it becomes hard to close the app. And, the latest glitch is it tried to close my anti-virus software app. It was my favorite app. I knew for awhile this app had security problems. But, sometimes; just gotta let go. So, Bye, Bye Georgia Golf.

This is a great game. No ads, nothing to buy. There is only one course but the graphics are beautiful and the play is realistic and challenging. On hole 12 the ball almost always ends up behind the bunkers on the far side of the green, even if it lands short of the green. The graphics get weird when it is flying over the back of the green. On hole 15 the ball seems drawn to the water. Even when the graphic shows it should land on the green. It would be nice if the greens were flatter or slower.

`1) graphics: are phenomenal. I like the details put into the courses. 2) controls: easy to use. The direction of the shot is spot on. The power meter is a little fast however, especially on easy difficulty. Highest power I was able to get to was 96%, while that's not bad i was going for 100% lol. 3) Club and ball selection: very minimal. In a future update maybe make getting "better rated" clubs and balls an in app purchase`,

Great graphics. Quick ads, not a lot of ads. Definitely a learning curve to play, but as a single player golf game, best I've played. Let's you start easy and can move up. i play as bad here as I do in real life, so it is actually very realistic game play.

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