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Games for VR Box 3.0

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Downloading games for VR Box is an activity that takes time because we have to filter between all available apps to access the downloads that suit our taste. VR Box virtual reality viewers are in the TOP 3 of the most acquired worldwide, its comfort, quality and convenience to use it in addition to the large number of apps and games makes it the best in your market.

Hardware and features of VR Box:

- Viewfinder compatible with smartphones that have a screen from 3.5 "to 6".
- It has a viewing radius from 85 ° to 95 °.
- Solidity and comfort in its use.
- High quality lenses to generate the 3D depth effect.
- Several models available that have been updated.
- Apps and games for VR Box:

The VR Box 360 viewer is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones that have a resolution and adequate screen size, this allows practically all of the mid-range and high-end smartphones to run applications and games without problems.

From our app called games for the VR Box you can have an organized way by categories of a wide repertoire with a variety of titles. We highlight the games VR Box terror since it is one of the most sought after themes and requested by the owners of these glasses, the creators of compatible software seek to generate fears, fears and terrors, will they achieve it in you ?.

VR Box games without control or with control:

Certain games for this viewer require a controller that allows us to perform actions and interact within the app, by not having it we will not have the chance to play correctly, in the app they will have explained how to configure the Bluetooth control and other available as well as the information of the games that require it and the respective effects that happen when pressing each button.

The VR Box games without control, as its name already indicates, do not have as requirement to have an external command control for its execution and use. As with the 360 ​​° VR videos, we will only have to start the app, corroborate that the helmet is configured and balanced to finally enjoy this augmented virtual reality experience.

How to play games without gyroscope in VR Box?

Leaving aside the helmet, viewer or virtual reality glasses and focusing on the device that processes the software and graphics, we must take into account an essential requirement that a vast majority of the apps requires, the gyroscope. The gyroscopic sensor fulfills an important function since it executes the movements in the 3 axes (X, Z and Y) and it 'links' with the viewers so that if we look to the left, simulate just that movement in the app, of not having it alone we must search in the right place to find compatible games.

In our category, games for VR Box without gyroscope, we have a collection with apps, videos and games that do not have this hardware as a requirement. They will have available horror games, action, shots, FPS shooters and other popular themes as well as videos, movies and more softwares, it is essential that the smartphone has the compass and accelerometer since it would serve as a gyroscope replacement.

The vr box virtual reality glasses have become leading the ranks of the most successful and economical augmented reality viewers, in addition, virtual reality games for the VR Box came to stay, every day more developers spend their time creating games and apps that generate a relationship with the user.




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