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FreeMind is your personal digital coach on innovative mind body approaches to health, wellness, emotional well-being, productivity and business. Based on 30 years of training, research and what works best, it provides carefully curated information, techniques and know how to optimise your mindset. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-development. Learn the takeaways from the leading experts around the globe.

FreeMind is to help you design a personalised mind body program that will allow you to explore, validate, design and implement your best possible life.
This involves
finding meaning and purpose
feeling joyful and happy
managing a stress-free life and having peace of mind
having the resilience to handle lifes troubles
being strong in mind, body and spirit
being productive, sustainable and fulfilled

1. Discover the true meaning of mind body training.
2. Access wellness and mind body monthly courses, resources, webinars and coaching calls.
3. Engage in the community
4. Set goals and track your progress
5. Get individual coaching or group coaching
6. Join challenges

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Developer: Mind Strategics Learning Consultancy

Recent changes: The Official Launch of the FreeMind App

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