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Forza Line is a wired game.The game is set a thousand years ago in a beautiful continent, there lived a beautiful princess. One day she galloped on horseback in the grassland, to meet her father returning from the expedition. Just as she was excited to see her father after months of absence. Suddenly a strong wind, a group of monsters do not know where to come from, they threw down the princess side of the escort, caught the princess, disappeared in the vast grassland. The king heard that his daughter was captured by the unknown monster was very angry, sent his most intelligent and bravest soldiers to find and rescue, but several days passed, still no news. At this time, a counsellor suggested Posting notices for brave people across the continent to find and rescue their own women, who can find the woman, discover the final monster and defeat it, will marry his daughter to him. Finally you see the news, you wear your sword looking for the exit from one level after another. Can you use your wits to find the last monster and destroy it, freeing our lovely princess? ... The rest of the story will be written by you, come on, warriors!

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Developer: Quanyu Technology Co. Ltd

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