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Fokusi - Productivity Timer/Notification Blocker

A productivity timer that doubles as a notification blocker!

Do you feel like you’re being bombarded by notifications on a daily basis? Don’t you wish you could block them out for a moment and concentrate on the more important work you have to do?

Fokusi is a productivity timer/notification blocker app with a simple idea: you set a timer and for that period you won’t be bothered by your notifications. This is achieved by using screen pinning. When you set a timer in Fokusi screen pinning is turned on and your notification bar will turn blank. If you receive a notification during this period it won’t pop up in your ‘dummy’ notification bar and you won’t hear any notification noises or vibrations.

After your study session is finished(or if you pause your study session half way through by turning off screen pinning) you’ll be able to access all the notifications you received during the timer blocking period again and they’ll re-appear in your notification bar. The app will even alert you with a notification when the timer session is over.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually really simple just:
1. Pick a time for the session with the hour, minute and second inputs.
2. Hit start.
3. Confirm the screen pinning prompt.
4. Study without being interrupted by notifications.
5. Access your notifications after the productivity timer ends, or quit your session whenever you want if there’s an emergency.

Main Features:
1. A simple, easy to use timer
2. Notifications blocker(while the timer is being used)
3. The ability to pause or cancel the timer
4. Optional notification for when the timer session is over

Fokusi is recommended for:
1. People who are sick of being distracted by notifications when they’re trying to work/study.
2. People who need a productivity timer.
3. People who need an app to help with focusing, but want an option that’s a little less intrusive than other options.
4. People who are looking for a simple notification blocker.

If you have any issues or recommendations feel free to leave them below in the reviews section and we’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.


- Added tweeting functionality
- Finish Notification Feature Refinement
- Minor bug fixes
- Added privacy policy



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