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Flick Calc Wear Calculator App play online

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Flick Calc Wear Calculator App

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Play this online game named Flick Calc Wear Calculator App.

Put a better calculator on your wrist than your friends have on their phones!

FlickCalc is the highest rated and best calculator Android Wear app ever, with more functions than other free calc apps. FlickCalc is also out to disprove the widely held belief that good input cannot be done on a smartwatch. It can! FlickCalc even works great on round smartwatches, like the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. FlickCalc is the ONLY AndroidWear application that provides a superior solution on a watch.

This is a FREE app! The only difference is that the memory functions are disabled. Please support us and buy the paid version. it is worth the small price.

FlickCalc™ uses the unique Flick-Key input method that allows fast and accurate input on very small screens. FlickCalc has just six flick-able keys to enable fast and accurate selection of 50 numbers and functions from a screen. Just press a key and flick/slide in the direction of an outside selection. Just tap a key to select its middle number, or function.

FlickCalc™ also works well on smartphones. Once learned, the unique input method is more touch type-able than a traditional keypad. It will take awhile for 'flicking' to sink into your brain. But when you become accustomed, it is more reliable - especially on small screens.

FlickCalc™ has all the common scientific calc functions you expect -> with percentage, powers, exponents, trigonometry, logs, factorial, conversions, fractions, square root, random number, plus more. FlickKey also has a nice three line scrollable & editable calculation input view It also comes with common conversions, including binary, hex, and fraction results in a scrollable answer window. Compared to common handheld scientific calculators, FlickCalc includes an amazing amount of its functionality that works great, even on the small screen of your smartwatch.

FlickCalc Android Wear app compatibility:

Square smartwatches ( LG G Watch, Gear Live, etc.): Yes - Tested on the Samsung Gear Live. Feedback would be appreciated from anyone with an LG G Watch, Sony Smartwatch 3, or Asus Zen.

Round smart watches ( Moto360 and LG G Watch R ): Tested. Flick Calc now works great on the Moto360 and the LG G Watch R, proving that near 50 selections/keys can be easily entered will speed and accuracy. (Flick Calc would work well on ladies size round smartwatches - considerably smaller than the Moto 360.) LG Urbane not tested yet.

FlickCalc™ does NOT advertise to you, or collect your data.

This is the highest rated and best Android Wear app scientific calculator, due to the advantages of its unique input method. For any questions, or if you have any problems with FlickCalc, please email the support email address before leaving feed back - thank you!

This is the best free calculator for the android wear store with percentage, powers, exponents, trigonometry, logs, factorial, conversions, fraction, square root, random number, plus scrollable multiline equation and answer views with fractions and hex & bin conversions. For tip calc, enter percent%amount. For example, 20%50 gives twenty percent tip of $50. To split a bill with tip: (percent%amount)/number.

If math problems are like games to you, the tip is to dial up Flick Calc Free.

Tip: For quick launch: Use a launcher from the app store.


Support for new Android Wear watches added.

Best Tips: Tap Answer view to cycle through answers (On Phone: longpress to copy to clipboard)

Calculation Window is scrollable and editable

Say "OK Google, start Calculator" to start

Displays results in Binary, Hex, Bin>>Dec, Bin>>Hex, and gives common fractions. Now gives approximate results in 1/64 and 1/16 - good for construction



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