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Filebump - Easy File Transfer to any Device or PC

Filebump was created to solve the problem of easily transferring or sending a file to another device.

* No Adverts.
* Unlimited file size.
* Receiving Android, iOS or any PC does not need any software installed.
* 3 Day full unlimited trial.
* Then $0.99 for a year.

After having big problems getting files from my phone to my PC and experiencing in one week over 8 requests to 'send me that file' from various people I took it upon myself to solve this problem.

There are apps out there that will let you transfer files but would it be possible with the receiving device having no software installed other than a web browser? After all every device already has a web browser.

There are several web based technologies that have matured recently that when combined allow a peer to peer transfer of files just using the browser.

WebRTC - peer to peer communication inside the web browser.
Web Service Workers - Allows the file to be streamed to you without using the browsers memory to hold the entire file.
HTML5 File API - Allows the web browser to chunk pieces of large files into memory.

Filebump is the first demonstration of all these technologies combined together to allow files of any size to be transferred in an efficient manner between web browsers. It is 100% secure and private and genuinely peer to peer (p2p). It is built on top of WebRTC technology which is secure from the ground up.

Being a peer to peer technology means if you are transferring files between 2 computers or devices on your home network, the files wont even get past your router and onto the internet, they will simply be transferred direct to the other machine.

To set up the p2p connection Filebump has to use a signalling server. This is used to make the 2 devices aware of each to facilitate the p2p connection. Once the 2 machines are connected there are no other servers involved and the file transfer is 100% secure and private between the 2 machines.

Filebump was set up to give everyone a secure easy to use way to transfer files.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Filebump - Easy File Transfer to any Device or PC.


Developer: appstart ltd

Recent changes: Multiple file upload transfer functionality

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