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FeelGrow: Learning on the go

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Have you always wanted to have a personal trainer, tailored to you, who would lead you by the hand and accompany you in achieving the most daring ideas? Someone, to remind you to get things done so you don't miss important deadlines? Someone who would show you the way to personal growth by providing the right courses for you to learn? Someone, to help you figure out where your money is going and help you grow your capital? You don't have to hire all that staff!

FeelGrow provides you with a convenient learning on the go! You don't need to time block for a good education and new knowledge. Learn easy when you have a free time. In only 15 mnutes you can boost your brain!

Your AI-powered interactive soft skills training courses & productivity tools in one app.
FeelGrow is an all-in-one tool for self-improvement. Manage all essential life and business processes: learn, plan and achieve with FeelGrow app.

FeelGrow AI chat "Mr.AEER"
Your personal AI assistance. Once you have a hard time finding answers or getting help, this AI chat bot will get you anything you need in one moment!

FeelGrow Finances
Make Your personal & business finances work. Keep your budgeting effective. Track your expenses and income. Control personal and your obligors' debt. Project your cash flow for the future period.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game FeelGrow: Learning on the go.


Developer: AEER Platform Inc

Recent changes: Hi there, we are glad to present our new AI-based version! Thank you for your comments sent by email. Share your impressions and write to us at [email protected] Take care of yourself, drink enough water and become the best version of yourself easily with AEER!

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