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Fake Money Scanner

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Play this online game named Fake Money Scanner.

Fake Money Scanner

Let's detect real money note prankly by fake money scanner
Fake Money Detector Simulator is a simulator of a UV machine which detects if your Currency is authentic!
Fake money detectors use ultraviolet to check invisible emblem on the bank note.

Use this funny app to detect fake money! The operation is simple: just click the "camera" button on the bottom to take a picture of the money.

Now scan new 500 and 2000 Indian currency with this prank app. Have fun and play prank with your friend and family.

Download Modi decided to change currency and Scanner Prank app and scan your 2000 and 500 new currency and now support Narender Modi demonetization drive.
and this is the message from prime minister Narender Modi ji for the people in India. against black money and corruption.
Tell your friends that your mobile can detect a fake currency note using this application. Take a currency note from him and start your app to detect and scan for the currency note.
Download our app Modi Note Scanner Prank and send your feedback to us.

Disclaimer:Fake Money Scanner is a prank app to play with friends and family. There is no way from mobile to scan or check whether money is original or fake.




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