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Eternal 3DMuseums 3DExhibits

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Eternal 3DMuseums 3DExhibits.

Eternal3D is a virtual 3D app to view online 3d museums, 3d exhibits and 3d mausoleums.

Are you getting bored at home? Do you want to visit museums and exhibits without traveling. Just use Eternal3D app to visit online museums and exhibits using virtual reality or 3D third person view.

Eternal3D App is a place for the preservation of personal and historical memories in virtual 3D. You can view the online museums and exhibits with the App or go to the web version to create and explore numerous online museums and exhibitions related to art, history, and culture. The exhibitions can be viewed in 3D or in virtual reality.

Learn biographies of famous presidents like Barak Obama, Bill Clinton , John Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Kobe Bryant, Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, /Andrew Jackson , Georg Washington, Lyndon Jonhson , James Polk and Ronald Reagan.

Also visit virtual online museums and art exhibits of Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, John Copley, Theodore Gericault, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Edvard Much, Jackson Pollock, and Camille Pissaro and many more.

The online museums and exhibits can have pictures, videos and picture albums. Also voice files can be played to further explain the online museums and art exhibit or for extra comments.

Want to contribute? Check website. Feel free to create your own exhibitions about a person, place, event, or anything else that's interesting. Be creative. And if you want to create an exhibition of your own life you might want to check out our premium plans which allow for more robust displays.

The basic plan consists of :
One room with 4 walls.
-1 Wall with Text.
-3 Walls with 6 Pictures each.

The Golden Medium Plan consists of :
-One room with 4 walls.
-1 Wall with Text.
-1 Wall with 6 Pictures.
-1 Wall with 6 albums (each with 12 pictures).
-1 Wall with 6 Videos (each less than 50MB OR youtube links).

The premium Plan consists of :
-Two connected rooms with 8 walls
-Two Walls with Text.
-Two Walls with 12 Pictures.
-Three Walls with 18 albums (each with 12 pictures).
-Two Walls each with 6 Videos (each less than 50MB OR you-tube links).

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Eternal 3DMuseums 3DExhibits.


Developer: IncuvationLabsLLC

Recent changes: - Fix youtube video play.
- Added iPhone support image and video upload.
- Added microphone permission to record audio.
- Other server side fixes.

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