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Use UptoPlay to play online the game EnvLogger Viewer.

This application is used to communicate with EnvLoggers via NFC (near field communication). Users can configure missions, plot mission data and save them as CSV files to the phone's memory. It also offers the option to instantaneously share data.

Data are saved as CSV files, which are human-readable and easily imported into R, MatLab, Excel or similar.

EnvLoggers are contactless miniaturized temperature loggers. Their main features are:

1. They are sturdy, waterproof, and resistant to UV. Can withstand depths exceeding 500 meters.

2. Their battery life spans over 2 years (sampling at every hour).

3. The memory stores between 10k readings @ 0.1 C resolution or 12k readings @ 0.5 C resolution. Typically, 14k readings @ 0.1 C resolution and 17k @ 0.5 C resolution. For reference, 1 year of data at hourly resolution requires ~9K readings. Memory is non-volatile, meaning that data can be retrieved even after battery depletion.

4. The clock drift is of 50 ppm at most.

5. The temperature resolution is of 0.1 C. Precision and accuracy are of at least 0.2 C.

6. Because the NFC allows for communication at a range of a few cm, it is possible to embed the loggers in the rock and still communicate with them.

Refer to for more information.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game EnvLogger Viewer.


Developer: Electricblue CRL

Recent changes: Fix bug in logbook when battery depleted

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