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eMed Record: Health Record App

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eMed Record app is a go-to modern cloud-based medical record management app aimed to keep and manage all the health records hassle-free.

It helps you maintain medical records, set medications reminders, organize lab reports, keep medical progress notes, set reminders for appointments, track vaccines, and much more handily and securely.

Unique Key Features of eMed Record app (by Be MDSafe LLC):

Keep, Track, and Manage E-Health Records
Best-in-Class User Interface
Easy and Smooth Navigation
HIPAA Compliant
Easy Access from Everywhere
Systematically Organized
Encrypted Cloud Storage
Secured Medical Records

How is the eMed Record app conceptualized?

There's no denying the fact that maintaining a track of health records in a paper format is a tedious task, especially in today's digital time and age.

Between 2009-2019, more than 230 million US medical files got lost due to disorganized manual recording.

Knowing this was an eye-opener for the Be MDSafe LLC organization.

This urged Be MDSafe LLC to launch an easily accessible, user-friendly, and, more importantly, well-secured app that can easily keep, track, and manage all your health records in one place effortlessly.

But storing health records in digital formats at multiple places is also harder and annoying. And many people find this relatable. Nobody wants to use too many apps for maintaining e-health records and getting confused juggling between those apps.

We get it. And that's why we (Be MDSafe LLC) came up with the right solution for you in hand. And when we say "in hand," we really mean it. How about replacing many apps with just one app? Felt a sense of relief? Finally!

The Be MDSafe LLC organization wanted to deliver a forward-thinking health record management app where users can maintain all their med records efficiently and securely without any trouble. That's how the eMed Record app was conceptualized, built, and launched.

eMed Record app (by Be MDSafe LLC) -- a modern cloud-based e-health record management app aimed to keep and manage all the med records hassle-free. From keeping track of reports, appointments, vaccines, current medications, allergies, medication history, and much more, you can literally track anything and everything related to your health through this one app.

eMed Record app is your one-stop destination for your e-health record where you can easily keep, track, and manage all your med records in one place.

Download the eMed Record app (by Be MDSafe LLC) and keep all your e-health records securely in your pocket, on the go. Anywhere, everywhere.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game eMed Record: Health Record App.



Recent changes: In this release , bug fixed and UI improved.

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