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Best Embroidery Designs Patterns in 2021-2022
Did you see the amazing embroidery on that kurta? It was a beautiful combination of the satin stitch, French knot, and the cross stitch. The fashion of embroidery is common these days. The year before 2021 introduced several different embroidered patterns and designs. You can go through the pictures and take video tutorials to learn how to practice different stitches to perfection. There are several embroidery designs software for beginners as well as experts.

Embroidery Designs for all:
If you visit the market, youll observe that embroidered patterns and designs are in fashion. From stitched embroidered kurtas for girls and boys to the home products like bed sheets, cushion covers, sofa covers, curtains and many other things are made fancy by the use of creative, colorful and decent embroidery designs.
Mainly, the embroidery designs can be classified into two categories:

1.Machine Embroidery:

This is done with the help of a machine. Manu fabric industries launch machine stitched embroidery suits. The market is full of such dresses. The embroidery on the cushions and other fabric is most of the times, the machine embroidery.

2.Hand Embroidery:

The embroidery done with the use of a needle, wool, other threads and by hand is called the hand embroidery. There are several embroidery stitches that you can learn. Once you have learnt them, you can make a fancy kurta for yourself or any other home product. The women of the subcontinent specialize in hand embroidery.
Following are the types of embroidery stitches that one should know how to do.

The must-to-learn embroidery stitches:
If you want to produce a creative piece of work, here are the stitches that you must learn:

Running Stitch:
It is a simple stitch and you can learn it through any video tutorial on YouTube within minutes.

Split Stitch:
The end result of this stitch is a thick chain like a line. You can create straight or curved lines using this stitch depending on the design you are making.

French Knot:
This stitch basically leaves you with small cute balls. Learn it if you want to give your embroidery a 3-D effect.

Satin Stitch:
Through this stitch, you can fill the whole image with the thread. It looks tidy if done properly.

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