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Elementary School Composition2

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1. Introduction to APP:

A selection of thousands of high-scoring sample essays in the examination room and various award-winning essays in various competitions. The essays are classified according to themes, including memorial essays, human essays, scenery essays, object essays, imagination essays, sentimental essays, and lyrical essays , Knowledge essays, letter essays, etc.

The selected essays are all personally written by primary school students, and the materials in the composition fit the actual life of the students. The style is in the form of a weekly plan, a sample composition is read a day, the task is not large, it is easy to complete, and it is convenient for the primary school students to stick to it for a long time.

The quality of the composition selected by the APP is very high, and students can use the composition in the book as a sample essay to memorize or to imitate it as an example.

2. Main functions:

[Traditional and Simplified] For learners at home and abroad, you can switch between traditional and simplified.
[English translation] Provide free switching of bilingual reading, so that there are no hard-to-read English novels in the world, and help you understand BBC English, VOA English, ESL, English homework, and English exams!
Today ReadingIt is convenient for students to remember and parents to review the reading situation.
[Historical Reading] Learn the new by reviewing the past, step by step has achieved the best effect of learning.
[My Essay] Record each growth in learning to write, and record the essay or learning experience.
[My Collection] Afraid you can't find a good composition or material? Save it quickly.
[One-click search] Quickly find the composition or material you want, and mom no longer has to worry about my composition.
[Eye-protection mode] The intimate eye-protection mode protects eyesight and makes you see comfortably. It not only learns knowledge, but also protects eyesight.
[Multiple fonts] Built-in multiple fonts, making reading more fun and less boring.

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