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Electronics Center

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Play this online game named Electronics Center.

The Application brings all the basics of electronics in a didactic way to make it easier to understand.
With animations and videos explaining the operation and measurement of the main components.
We have the following features in the application:
Resistance theory and test.
Color reading of Resistors.
Theory and Transistors tests.
Theory and Capacitor tests.
Theory and Triacs tests.
Theory and testing of LEDs.
Theory and tests of Diodes.
Theory and testing of Transformers.
Theory and tests of Potentiometers.
Mathematical formulas.
Integrated circuit datasheets.
Theory and tests of Zener Diode.
Eletreto Microphone Theory.
Theory and Tests of Unijunction Transistor.
Theory and testing of SCRs.
Theory and tests of FETs.
Theory and tests of DIACs
Theory and tests of Phototransistor.
Theory on the fundamentals of Electricity.


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