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EGG Mobile is a mobile application with the concept of 'one stop solution' and a cooperative platform that relies on digital technology. As one of the service applications from PT. CUSO Digital Indonesia, EGG Mobile is intended for EGG KSP members to carry out all Cooperative financial transaction activities, Information, Promotion, PPOB and Business Space (Marketplace) on the features provided by the application using an Android smartphone.

Application Features:
1. Fill in the Balance/Topup via Bank or Savings in a Cooperative
2. Transfer to the Bank, Members can transfer money anywhere in realtime
3. Info on Cooperative Balance/Deposits, Check Savings Balances, Loans and Deposit deposits or installments via mobile apps, real time and fully integrated with the CUSO CORE System.
4. PPOB purchases such as credit & data packages, PLN Tokens
5. Payment of PPOB Bills such as: BPJS, Postpaid PLN, Telkom Group
6. Invite Members, Members can register family, relatives, friends to become members without having to come to the cooperative office, anytime and anywhere.
7. Submit a Loan, Members can apply for a loan without having to come to the cooperative office, anytime and anywhere after the application will be KYC by the EGG cooperative before the loan is approved.

Minimum Term : 3 Months
Maximum Term : 24 Months

APR : 16.2%

Max loan value IDR 30,000,000

An admin fee of 2% is included in the installment, not deducted at the time of initial disbursement

Loan Disbursement Simulation:
For example :
Loan value Rp. 5,000,000,-
Term of 12 months
2% Admin Fee (which is paid monthly with installments)

So :
Disbursement Value (received) Rp. 5,000,000,-
The amount of installments that must be paid per month is Rp. 493.900,-

With details :
Principal : IDR 5,000,000 : 12 = IDR. 416,700 per month
Interest: IDR 5,000,000 x 16.2% = IDR. 68,800 per month
Admin : IDR 8,400 per month

Accelerated payment:
If a Member wants to make accelerated payments, a minimum of 3 installments has been entered. and if it is paid before the maturity date of that month, the member is not subject to ongoing interest. but if it is due in that month, it will still be subject to ongoing interest.
If a member wants to pay off the 5th installment, the member only pays the remaining principal and the remaining admin.

8. Pay for QR Scan (Pay by Scan QR, Transfer to fellow users, Activity Attendance)
9. Promotions / Advertisements
11. Product Info and Asset Info, Members can know/control the development of cooperative Assets and Products directly
12. Business Space (Marketplace)
13. Support
14. Transaction History

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game EGG Mobile.


Developer: CUSO Digital Indonesia

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