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Universal GPA Calculator with cloud saving of each Semester GPA and CGPA records

The effiko GPA Calculator is a robust GPA calculator that enables university, polytechnic, and college of education students to calculate and save to the cloud their semester GPA and CGPA records throughout their study period.

Other amazing features of the Effiko GPA Calculator include:

Customizable GPA settings - No matter the GPA system used by your school, the Effiko GPA Calculator allows you to easily set it up and then start calculating your GPA.

4 Point, 5 Point, Any Point GPA Calculator Effiko GPA Calculator once set up, can calculate GPA and CGPA for any school no matter the GPA scale.

Cloud saving of Semester GPA - All your GPA records are safely and automatically saved to the cloud so you have access to them anytime. You can add as many GPA records as possible as long as your school runs a two semester per session academic system.

View Performance Chart - Once your GPA for a semester is computed, you can view it on your performance chart. The performance chart helps you to see, in a glance, how well or otherwise you are doing from one semester to the other.

Acquire Skills and Knowledge - The Effiko GPA Calculator gives you access to courses that teach online skills which you can easily monetize even as a student. You also have access to courses that will help you ace the international exams you are bound to take if you wish to do your post graduate studies abroad.

Career Advisory - You can view and schedule one on one calls with our career advisors. These men and women are doing amazing work in their various disciplines all over the world. You will be able to learn from them.

Foreign Admission and Scholarships - We have written and published well researched articles on foreign admission and scholarship opportunities. The Effiko GPA Calculator gives you access to all this information.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Effiko GPA Calculator.


Developer: Effiko

Recent changes: New Updates to Effiko GPA Calculator
1 - Improved layout for Tablet Devices
2 - In-App Share Applink updated
3 - Application Crash fix
4 - Misc fixes & Updates

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