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Parent App is a unique school app for parents with awesome customized features to keep track of all scholastic activities of the kid.

How can parents enjoy our Parenting App?

Ensures 100% child safety
Get real-time notification
Track scholastic activities systematically
Communicate easily
Get involved actively along with your kid

Features of Parent App

Track Attendance: Parents will be notified with the attendance chart of their child, along with a graphical representation of the monthly attendance. Apply leave, List of holidays, and Academic calendar are some of the other features that they can avail.

Academics: Parents can easily track their childs academics and daily activities through this feature of Parent App.

Assessment: Help busy parents to keep track of learning outcomes to analyze what their kids have learned.

Administration: Fee details like pending amount and payment details can be availed from this. Moreover, parents can upload and save student documents such as birth certificate, insurance card, identity card etc.

TrackSchoolBus: It ensures child safety by real-time tracking of the school bus and also by notifying parents about the same.

Smartcards: Students can use this smart card instead of carrying money to school. This is similar to our ATM cards, where parents can top-up the card using integrated gateways. These cards can be used for paying canteen bills, library fines etc.

Communication: Parents can communicate either with school administration or the teachers using the in-app messenger anytime.

Diet & Health: In this feature, parents can keep a track of their childs growth. BMI calculator and history is available in this feature.

Canteen: Parents can place an order for their child from canteen. The list of previous orders, history is also available.

Sports & Excursion: Scheduling and real-time tracking of trip details can be accessed using this feature. Parents will be notified of the excursion and sports details.

Security & Surveillance: This is one of the best features beneficial for the parents. Parents can get the live preview of their child. Playback option is also available. Parents can know if their child is in the classroom, library, canteen or elsewhere in the campus.

Education World News: The news from the education sector is available to all parents. This helps parents to stay updated with the changes and news in this field.

Thus, the Parent App of Edsys is exclusively customized for parents to have a track of their childs academic activities. This is what makes us unique and one of the best parenting school app for parents.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Edsys ParentApp UI Demo.


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