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Would you like to personalize your phone? You should try edge light for incoming calls and messages. When someone calls or texts you, the edges of your phone will light up! This useful app also offers flash notifications and lighting alerts. Other great features of this app include smart push notifications and fully-customizable edge alerts with RGB lighting colors, stickers, and rounding radius. Check out all the awesome options for edge alerts customization with line sizes, stickers, and effects such as flash notifications for all apps, calls, and messages.

How to use the app?

Choose the mode to enable the edge light for mobile phones: Vibrate, Silent, Normal.
Create round corners: customize the overlay with RGB colors.
Enable favorite contacts light alert.
Turn on personalized notifications such as edge light for call and texts.
Try lighting effect and notification light on edge customization by adding stickers, emojis, and smileys.
Change the phone screen light colors: one color, or a whole rainbow and RGB!
Edit the opacity, line size, and round corner radius for the round edge notification light.
Customize the flashlight alerts: adjust the speed and style from slow to fast and blinking, flashing, or rotating lights.

Round lighting edges and flashlight notification app for Android phones.
The flash alerts will notify you about incoming calls and messages. It can be very useful if you are in a meeting and need to turn on the Silent mode, but still have some important calls and SMS that you cannot miss. The flashlight flashing and blinking can also be seen in dark and crowded spaces such as concerts or clubs. Always know when someone's trying to reach you with the blink light alert on call and SMS.

The edge light app has a clean UI and it's easy to navigate.
Simple setup for display personalization with round corners and edge light.
Blinking flashlight and smart notifier available.

Customization of all lights for notifications is available for free.
Have you considered using a lighting blinker as a ringtone with flashing lights? Our lighting application lets you customize the alerts and personalize notifications for everything you want. When someone calls you, you will see a calling display light on edge. The best part is, the RGB lighting and blinking flashlight will not drain your battery! The flashlight blinker will always notify you of incoming calls and texts, and round RGB colors on edges have the same function! Isn't it great?

App supports optimized battery performance and low storage usage.
Round corners, flashlight blinking, and RGB lighting for all alerts.
Lighting flash alerts, blinker, and edge lights for notifications included.

Flashlight alerts or light on edges: choose both for extra lights!
Illuminate your screens with the rainbow edge flash notification! Enable lighting edge notifications and enjoy custom alerts. Set RGB edge light indicator of alerts, and change the theme with colors, stickers, and more. When you see the blinking flashlight and RGB colors for incoming calls, you will know that someone is calling. The flashlight alerts for texts alone are great, but seeing RGB lighting for incoming calls and messages is also great! Customize and set the edge light with round corners along with the flash notifications to receive a new notification light alert. Pick flashing lights or edge alerts! Or both! And enjoy.

*Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Edge Lighting Notifications.


Developer: Pandaky Apps

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