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The "Edalso Smart Hub" controller allows you to automate all kinds of spaces, according to your needs and budget. By combining it with the Edalso application, you can control all the elements of a home, such as: lights, blinds, air conditioning, temperature, access, irrigation, etc.

The Edalso home automation system improves the quality of life of your family and makes your day to day much more bearable. These are some examples of everything you can do with Edalso and its mobile application:
- Turn lighting on and off
- Raise and lower the different shading elements.
- Control heating and air conditioning.
- Create all kinds of automations.
- Create all kinds of schedules.
- Control all the rooms in your home.
- Access the favorites panel.
- Control locally and remotely the system. Also, if there is no internet, everything still works.
- Control different home automation installations (regular residence, second residence, office, etc.).

In order to use the Edalso application and enjoy a smart home, an Edalso Smart Hub controller is required. You can find more information at

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Developer: Edalso Technologies

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