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Economics Quiz Offline is a quiz game that tests your basic understanding of economic principles. The topics of this economics quiz include contrasting macroeconomics and microeconomics; gross domestic product; economic growth and business cycles; unemployment and inflation; aggregate supply and demand; scarcity, opportunity cost, and trade; laws of supply and demand; accounting versus economic profit; money and exchange rates; government choice, markets, efficiency, and equity; monopoly and competition; externalities, public goods, and free riders; and globalization and trade policy all these theories are packaged in Economics Textbooks Offline.

Economics is the study of how people make decisions and how these decisions apply to real-world problems. Economics can help us understand income inequality within and across countries, the quality of the environment, unemployment, poverty, crime, health care, financial crises, technological change, inflation and many more issues. This course introduces the basic tools that economists use to explore these topics and will cover fundamental economic concepts such as scarcity, supply and demand, costs and benefits, trade-offs, and incentives. This course is a one semester overview of both microeconomics (the study of choices firms and individual consumers make) and macroeconomics (the study of the economy as a whole).

Instruction Economics MCQs
- 50 50 : for remove two option out of Four(deduct 4 coins ).
- Skip question: you can pass question without minus points(deduct 2 coins).
- Audience poll: use audience paul to check other users chooses option(deduct 4 coins).
- Reset timer: Reset timer again if you needed more time score (deduct 2 coins).

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