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1. It all starts with a checklist template
Digitize your existing checklists

2. Conduct an inspection anywhere on your mobile device
eAuditor makes it easy for anyone in your team to conduct inspections and audits on the go and records your audit results while you're in the field.

3. Export and share professional reports
Instantly generate a report after an inspection is complete. Share it with your team, managers, clients or customers with the tap of a finger.

4. Gain insights with analytics
Automatic syncing between mobile devices and desktop platform provide real-time analytics dashboards. Get visibility into your productivity, compliance, accuracy and more.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
It's a tough question that every company faces - how do you ensure quality and reliability while reducing costs? The answer: Reduce your total cost of ownership.

Issues like breakage and delamination can result in costly recalls. By selecting the proper quality systems for your products early in the development process, you may be able to avoid these issues.

Through early partnerships, eAuditor can help manage the cost of ownership through:
Lifecycle management
Integrated containment and delivery
Technical expertise

eAuditor is quality and safety inspection software system (QMS) to improve field audit productivity, consistency, visibility, organizational efficiency and collaboration by managing quality processes in a single application for employees and auditors. Mobile audits performed by eAuditor are stored in cloud-based database for expanded management reporting and analysis. eAuditor takes productivity the extra mile with pre-built integrations and custom enterprise system integration services.

eAuditor provides a comprehensive solution for managing compliance, risk, quality. eAuditor software streamlines audit-related tasks which include creating standardized audit and checklist templates, generating an audit plan, conducting audits, identifying non-conformances and recommendations, tracking CAPAs and reporting results.

eAuditor provides workflows and process management, controls processes and verifies their effectiveness with a single integrated quality management system. Additional capabilities include features and tools for audits, analytics, and validation, flexibility and automation of audit planning and generate customizable template-based audit reports.

eAuditor is used by retail chains, hospitality brands, manufacturers, construction companies, health & safety inspectors, logistics, healthcare and many other industries. Real-time inspections & visibility, improved standards & compliance are the biggest benefits of eAuditor.

Pre-built templates
Annual Car Service
CCTV Maintenance
Coffee Master Certification
Customer Experience Visit CEV
Daily Cleaning
Daily Log
Daily Pre-start Safety Inspection
Daily Shift Report
Driver Compliance
Driver Evaluation
Drone Preflight
Electrical Safety Check
Engineering Workshop Inspection
Field Report
First Aid at Work Candidate Assessment
Fleet Garage
Food Premises Self Inspection
Fuel Audit
Gap Analysis ISO 9001
Gas Cylinder Safety
Guest Room Daily Service
Home Safety and Condition Audit
Hot Work Permit
Hotel Room Inspection
Incident Briefing
Internal Hot Work Safety Audit
ISO 27001 Software Development
Ladder Checks
Light Vehicle Inspections
Light Vehicle Safety Inspection
Line Station Audit
Management Site Visit Report
Manager on Duty Report
Office Inspection
Operations Evaluation Report
Pallet Racking Inspection
Parking Lots & Passenger Loading Zones
Planter Maintenance
Property Inspections
QSR Audit
Refrigerated Storage
Rental Inspection
Restaurant Evaluation
Risk Assessment
Root-cause Analysis
Server Audit
Site Monthly Inspection
Site Opening
Staff Feedback
Supplier Audit
Swimming Pools
Training Feedback
Tree Works Certification
Vehicle Damage
Weekly Van Check
Weekly Vehicle and Machine Checks

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game eAuditor Audits Inspections.


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