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Your time is so precious and if you want to not miss an important conversation by phone you can make use of this app to record the calls. Equally workable for recording both incoming calls and outgoing calls.

The app offers a unique set of features that will allow you to record any call automatically, have a lot of customization features and keep a track of your conversations.

If you want to keep a check on your phone call conversations and do not want to miss some important calls then this easy auto call recorder is a reliable app to help you on such occasions.

The sound quality of the phone call record app is clear as in the real time conversation, so you will not miss anything that matters. The phone call recording app lets you replay all the previous recorded calls anytime you need. You can also customize the app, and set the theme to the one you like with a better and clearer voice recorder.


Call recorder app will keep your all call records with important information like date and time of recording, duration of the call and type of the call. You can listen to it anytime, or share it.

You can see the incoming and outgoing calls separately and sort them in the best call recorder app by time or by date.

Use this call recorder offline, set a light or dark theme and easily edit, share, copy, move or delete several records at once.

The app is password protected for secrecy so when you start using the app you can set your own private code for it. Your recorded call will be protected by password.

Easy auto call recorder is the best free call recorder application with these features:

- Record your calls automatically while connected
- Keep important call records maintained
- Organize your calls with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates
- You can play back, share, edit or save your call to mp3 files
- Keep the auto or manual call recorder option
- Option to enable/disable call recording
- Choose the path where you want to save the conversations
- Play audio recorded conversations
- Delete recorded conversations
- Whitelist or choose contacts for recording their calls
- Show confirmation dialog for starting recording or saving the recorded call
- Favorite the important calls recorded
- Search, white list and black list contacts
- Displaying contact name and photo
- Excluded numbers from recording
- Recording options by number, contact, non-contact or just selected contacts
- Set password to protect privacy
- Modify settings and themes
- Lots of recording and audio formats
- Share recorded items

all Recorder keeps all your memories, and important call content and saves them till the suitable moment.

Download Easy Auto Call Recorder and turn your phone into a voice call recorder!

Accessibility permission:
The accessibility permission on your phone will be required for recording calls with caller names. It is also important to know that the permission has nothing to do with the audio quality of the recording, the permission helps in identifying the person on the call.

Some smartphones do not support call recording properly and it is due to the capabilities of different chipset/CPU or Android versions each brand/model.

Please note that you may need to close or delete all other call recording apps on your phone to let this application function properly. Add the app to the whitelist if the app is not working smoothly.

Legal notice:
We warn you that in some countries recording calls is illegal and the legislation regarding phone call recording varies in different countries and states. You must get permission from the person you talk to! Please, make sure that you're not breaking the law in your state or country.

We hope that the users of this app are law-abiding citizens and use our call recorder only for their private purposes.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Easy Auto Call Recorder.


Developer: Delta Applications

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