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Earth Science Notes Book is an offline Earth Science handbook application in the form of a textbook. Are you interested in Earth Science lessons? This application is very suitable for all people who want to learn Earth Science in a fun way.

Reading Earth theory is one way you can memorize and prepare for your Earth Science exam.

Download it right now. Earth Science application and learn its theories. Improve your knowledge of Earth Science.

Know that Earth Science is one of the knowledge that you must learn. You can study Earth Science anywhere, anytime with the offline Earth Science Notes Book application.

Earth sciences, the fields of study concerned with the solid Earth, its waters, and the air that envelops it. Included are the geologic, hydrologic, and atmospheric sciences.

The broad aim of the Earth sciences is to understand the present features and past evolution of Earth and to use this knowledge, where appropriate, for the benefit of humankind. Thus, the basic concerns of the Earth scientist are to observe, describe, and classify all the features of Earth, whether characteristic or not, to generate hypotheses with which to explain their presence and their development, and to devise means of checking opposing ideas for their relative validity. In this way the most plausible, acceptable, and long-lasting ideas are developed.

The physical environment in which humans live includes not only the immediate surface of the solid Earth but also the ground beneath it and the water and air above it. Early humans were more involved with the practicalities of life than with theories, and, thus, their survival depended on their ability to obtain metals from the ground to produce, for example, alloys, such as bronze from copper and tin, for tools and armour, to find adequate water supplies for establishing dwelling sites, and to forecast the weather, which had a far greater bearing on human life in earlier times than it has today. Such situations represent the foundations of the three principal component disciplines of the modern Earth sciences

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