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Drop is an improved version of your old-school doorbell.

Unlike the old bells which you cant hear on the other side of your house, your phone has access to Drop which sends you notifications, and rings, to let you know someone is at the door. Drop is easy to install. No complicated wiring system is involved, it can be placed on any type of surface indoors or outdoors. It functions in different ranges of temperatures, its waterproof and heat resistant.

How does it function?
Drop functions with specific QR Code different for each home/office/household. Drop is compatible with any smartphone that can read QR Codes. Your visitors dont need to play online anything to get in touch with you, they just need to scan the Code. With Drop, there is no need to share your phone number or personal information with the postman or the delivery guy, Drop functions remotely without a phone number. You can get the call, excuse yourself for being late, or schedule delivery time.

What happens when you are not at home?
Drop offers its users convenience and safety. No matter if you are at home or not, you will always know who is in front of your door ringing. You receive a notification on your phone, that someone is in front of your door, you may communicate remotely and let them know you are not at home or simply reject their (call)visit.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Drop.


Developer: ECHO LTD

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